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SYNKIT is a tempo calculator for film scoring. Given your desired sync points, it will provide all of the permanent tempi that would fit perfectly for your sequence.

How to use SYNKIT:

1. Check the FPS settings and adjust the framerate based on your video file

*We recommend keeping the tolerance at 2 frames or lower, since missing by 2 frames is the largely acceptable window for film composition at 24/25 FPS

2. Input the SMPTE timecode for each of your desired hitpoints

    *If you want, you can check the ‘Show Label’ box and name your hitpoints

3. Hit the ‘Calculate’ button

4. Choose your preferred tempi

*To increase the number of results, try unchecking some of the hitpoint boxes (soft sync points), or expanding the BPM Filter boundaries.

Video Tutorial:

Want to use SYNKIT locally on your desktop?
As an expression of our commitment to transparency and accessibility, we empower you to determine the value of our ad-free desktop app by setting your own price, starting from as little as $1. By Pre Purchasing today, you not only contribute to expediting the app's development process but also enhance its features, user interface and overall experience. Moreover, your pre-purchase guarantees you the app on its official release day at the price you've chosen, regardless of any potential price adjustments.

User feedback and feature requests

Your feedback is invaluable to us! We genuinely value your experience and insights. If you encounter any challenges or have brilliant ideas for potential enhancements, we would be thrilled to hear from you. Simply click on the link below to share your thoughts and suggestions with us.


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