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"Achieving Success with
AMSTAD Digital Think Tank:
Effective, discreet & safe strategies since 2015"


Based in Switzerland

Amstad Digital provides strategic counsel with IT/system optimization/team coordination, consultation and solutions.

We also offer the same for VR technologies & creations, game design, game development and the option to commission digital artistry and education.

VR & AI Technologies

Amstad Digital specializes in Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence.  Finding new ways of bringing the world closer to a more user friendly experience with technology.

Amstad Digital Solutions

Do you need consultation and feedback on your projects? We gather solutions to fit your needs.

Game Development

Under Amstad Digital our development of single and multiplayer games come at cost efficient strategies. 

Digital Artistry

3D sculpting, Graphic Design, Video Animation are key developmental skills our team harnesses to bring visions alive. 

firstscene in unreal.png

"..efficiency and pragmatism followed;
create elegant,
and more often than not,
even beautiful results."

We support businesses in navigating to their best suited technology solutions, provide strategic consulting for start ups and established businesses, as well as enterprise solutions for integration of VR/AR capabilities.

We follow a path that fits your needs and wants while giving you another perspective on how to navigate the technology industry.  

With AI becoming heavily invested into, we have overcome past obstacles to understand and develop our own AI system, Xavier. ​

Establish a new way of understanding the industry latest by joining forces with AMSTAD DIGITAL 

Our Partners

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Sphere on Spiral Stairs
VR game of amstad digital , first game creation


the DIGITAL age by STORM


Years of Experience


Games & Programs




Countries World Wide



We understand that technology can be overwhelming, especially when it is about necessities for your business


The team and our methods ensure you will navigate the digital-business world like a professional and/or have the pros for the job at your fingertips  - to the extent and pace that works for you the individual.

At AMSTAD DIGITAL, we have a team of experienced professionals who are passionate about technology & problem-solving, dedicated to helping our customers navigate the ever-changing landscape.


We take the guesswork out of the equation and provide you with the latest and most reliable technology solutions so you can stay up-to-date and competitive.

With an emphasis on customer satisfaction, our team will enable you to take informed decisions and calculate your risks accurately.

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